11 Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

When you sit around the dinner table this Thanksgiving, and it’s your turn to express what you’re thankful for, you shouldn’t be stumped. If you are, hopefully, it’s because there are hundreds of things to be thankful for, and it’s difficult to choose just one. You have so much to be grateful for, and that attitude of gratitude should be fostered daily, not just on thanksgiving. Gratitude has been linked to increased happiness, and counting your blessings definitely promotes positivity more than counting your troubles.

Some people have cultivated gratitude and write in a gratitude journal daily to ensure they are always thankful and appreciative of what they have. Others have a tougher time being grateful or tend to only appreciate something after they’ve lost it, instead of being thankful for what they currently have.

Some of you might simply need a reminder of how much there is to be grateful for. Below are 11 strong examples of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and every other day, as well.


1. Food on the Table

Let’s start with the basics. You have food at the table. Being grateful for access to whole, healthy foods is emphasized by a Thanksgiving feast. However, you are thankful that you have food on the table each and every day.

2. A Roof Over Your Head

You’re aware of how many people are homeless or living in poverty without a roof over their heads. As you sit at a table in a warm home, with a roof over your head, don’t take the so-called simplicities of life for granted. Be thankful that you have a home.

3. Your Loved Ones Near You

If you have friends, family, and loved ones near you, you’re blessed. Not everyone has loved ones near them. Some people spend Thanksgiving alone. You, however, get to hear your brother’s laugh. See your mother’s smile. Hug a friend. There’s so much to be thankful for when you have loved ones around you.

4. The Beautiful Nature Around You

Nature is beautiful and it’s certainly a gift, so be thankful for any trees, water or natural beauties around you. If you live near a beach, lake, forest, mountains, hiking trails or other forms of nature, always be appreciative of this. Be thankful for the natural beauty and the natural high you can always treat yourself to through nature.

5. Clean Air to Breathe

Don’t take the air quality for granted; that which allows you to breathe in fresh, clean air. Breathing in fresh air is fundamental to health and wellness. Be grateful for the air in your lungs, your ability to breathe, and the fact that you’re alive each day.


6. Clean Water

Everyone needs drinking water to survive, but not everyone has access to clean water. If all your life, you’ve had access to clean water to drink and bathe in, it can be easy to take clean water for granted. Try to be thankful for water, instead.

7. The Sun, Moon and Stars

The sky can be pure magic at times, and you’re very lucky to get to see its beauty. If you ever get to watch a beautiful sunrise, a stunning sunset or look up at a sky full of stars, you have a ton to be thankful for. If you ever get to see a bright moon in the sky or take in a view of a setting sun, you’re blessed by the beauty of the world. Be grateful not only for these beautiful wonders of the sky but also for your ability to see them with your gift of vision.

8. Being Loved

If you are loved, please don’t ever take it for granted. Whether you are loved by a parent, a friend, your significant other or even a pet – love is love. If you’re lucky enough to be loved, be thankful for that love in your life.

9. Your Brain

This Thanksgiving, don’t forget to be thankful for your brain. Be thankful for your intelligence, your brainpower, and your ability to thrive in your career. Show your brain you’re grateful for its health by doing some brain exercises, and keep your mental fitness in check.


10. Creativity

Have you recently created something using your own creative skills? Perhaps it was a drawing, a painting, a piece of writing, a home decor project, a sewn costume, a piece of jewellery you made – simply something you created. Always be grateful for your ability to be creative. In general, always be thankful for your skills and abilities.

11. Your Health

Saving the best for last: Be thankful for your health. Always be thankful for both your mental health and your physical health.

Be grateful that you can walk and move around freely. Be thankful for mobility. Thank your body for being healthy, and for functioning. Appreciate your ability to move, dance, swim, run, and perform daily tasks.

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