7 Activities To Do With Your Dad On Father’s Day

With Father’s Day coming up, you’re likely thinking about activities to do with your dad on his special day. One of the best ways to honor your dad is to organize a fun Father’s Day activity to do with him on Sunday.

Perhaps you’ve already found the perfect Father’s Day gift. However, if you are looking to go the extra mile, plan a fun and memorable activity for Father’s Day as well. Though gifts are nice to receive, there’s no present quite like your presence. Nothing can beat experiences with dad that you can keep in your memory bank forever.

Below are 7 great activities to do with your dad to make Father’s Day extra special. Take time to look through this list of Father’s Day activities, as it contains something for everyone. Whether you are looking to plan the type of Father’s Day activity that is adults-only, or with siblings or kids in tow.

two person walking towards mountain covered with snow

1. Father’s Day Hiking Trip

Connecting with nature as a family always feels great. Nature provides you with happiness, comfort and relaxation, which is especially important in the context of the stress-inducing hustle culture that has been glorified in the media today. That said, one special and memorable activity you can do with dad this Father’s day would be to go on a scenic hike. Maybe this will provide him with the respite needed after being stressed out with work. It is also a great way to get him some endorphins from exercise, and to remind dad of the value of physical health.

Show your dad how much you care by packing his favorite snacks on your hike, to share with him at a viewpoint along the way.

A Father’s Day hike will feel like the perfect special occasion activity, especially if you have the whole day planned out, and you take dad on a long drive to a very beautiful hiking location.


2. Plan a ‘Food Tour’

Nothing commemorates a hallmark holiday like food! A fun activity you could do with dad, and the whole family, would be to plan your own ‘food tour’ in your area. Essentially, you hop from one restaurant or food truck to the next, trying different food items until your bellies are full.

Perhaps you’ll go to one restaurant for dinner, and a different restaurant for dessert, and you could even go to a separate trendy location for after-dinner cocktails.

Be sure to make reservations at each location on your ‘food tour’ so that your dad feels this activity was thoughtfully planned out and organized.


3 Take Dad to His Favorite Sporting Event

If your dad is particularly sporty or loves watching a certain type of sport, consider taking him out to his favorite sporting event. If your dad loves baseball, for example, purchase tickets to see his team play, and be sure to buy him a beer and a hot dog at the game.

It could be double the fun if it’s a sporting event where one of dad’s kids or grandkids is a participant. Perhaps someone has a little league game they’re participating in this Sunday. You can also do a tailgate feast while watching the event, and share a meal over hollers and cheers directed at the team you are rooting for. It’s definitely a fun and festive way to spend Father’s day.


4. Take Him to See Live Music

Your dad may not be as into sports, but rather more into music. If you know your dad to be a lover of live music, take him to see a band performing at a local pub or eatery. This will be a fun way for you to let loose, enjoy the music with your dad, and have fun. Not only will this improve dad’s mood, but studies also suggest that music also has a calming effect on the body. This might be why people feel so good after going to see live music with their family.


5. Try a Fun ‘Extreme Sport’ or Special Adventure

Since Father’s Day is a special occasion, why not plan some type of unique adventure that you wouldn’t normally do? This could include something unique like laser tag or a boat ride – or it could be some sort of extreme sport if your dad is in good health.

If your dad is in good health and happens to be an adrenaline junky, extreme sports could be a fun Father’s Day activity. Take dad out to bungee jumping, jet skiing, or take him to a ropes course.


6. Father’s Day Picnic

To plan the perfect Father’s Day picnic including kids and grandkids, you don’t need much. All you need is a nice big picnic blanket, a couple nice bottles of wine, plastic wine glasses, and picnic food.

If you have a big family, make the picnic potluck style. This means that everyone attending the Father’s Day picnic (except for your dad) would bring a different food item for everyone to enjoy. One family member might be in charge of bringing fruit salad, another family member responsible for sandwiches, while another is in charge of bringing dessert or wine.

If you don’t have a nice park nearby to have a picnic at, there are other options to still make this work. You could also have the picnic on the rooftop patio of your apartment building, on your dad’s outdoor deck, or at a nearby lake or beach.

If the weather isn’t great, have your Father’s Day potluck lunch or dinner at home, instead. Whoever in your family has the biggest dining room area should be the host, and you can still each bring your potluck appetizers and entrees to the event.


7. Family Bowling

If you would like a more dialed-down activity that is not quite as adventurous as an extreme sport, but is still enjoyable and thrilling, consider bowling.

Bowling is a fun activity to do with dad and the rest of your family. There is nothing more fun than a little competition among family members, and friendly banter as you try to aim for strikes. Plus, to make it a little extra special, you can wager a couple of prizes to make things more exciting.

There are many fun activities that you can organize or host for your dad this Father’s day. A group activity is a great way to honor your father. Thank him for the time he has dedicated to providing for you, and guiding you throughout your life. And as always, remember that though this holiday only occurs one Sunday each June, each and every waking hour is a chance for you to express love and gratitude to your dad. Make it a habit to make dad feel appreciated and loved all year long.

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