Angelica Sinensis Benefits: 10 Health Benefits of Angelica Sinensis Root Extract

Angelica Sinesis, an herb commonly used in Chinese medicine, provides many natural health benefits. Angelica Sinsensis benefits, some of which have been proven by research studies, are further proof of how beneficial taking an herbal supplement could be. The benefits of Angelica Sinensis root extract are not discussed often, but those seeking natural remedies often learn about it when studying healing herbs.

Deriving from the celery family, Angelica Sinensis has western roots that can be found back to the days of the bubonic plague. The story goes that a monk had a dream in which the Archangel Saint Michael visited him with a message of an herb that could help victims of the plague, which was decimating Europe in the late 1600’s. Ancient chronicles report that anyone who held the root in their mouth could fend off the detriments of the infectious ailment.

Of course, like many great herbal medicines, it’s been known about in the East for much longer than that. Angelica Sinensis is better known as ‘Dong Quai’ in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

This healing super root has been used for over 1000 years in many countries. It is a natural body harmonizer with a plethora of nutrients that are easily absorbed by the internal system.

Many people seek out natural, plant-based remedies to their health problems because of the potential side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs, and the fact that in general, natural and plant-based remedies often come with less side effects, or none.

This is why many people are strong believers in taking herbal supplements such as this one.

If you’ve been looking for a natural herb that can help heal everything from skin health issues and uncomfortable PMS symptoms to digestive issues and hormonal imbalances, look no further than this amazing herb. Angelica Sinensis may be just what you need, and Angelica Sinensis benefits have been quite extensively studied.

Below are 10 health benefits of Angelica Sinensis:

1. Balances Hormones

As you might know if you read this article on common hormonal health issues, hormonal imbalances in your body can cause many health problems. From unwanted weight gain and sleep issues to mood disorders, hormonal imbalances can cause a range of issues for us.

One of the main uses of Angelica Sinensis in eastern medicine is as a hormone balancer. Its unique duality has the ability to reduce estrogen levels if they are too high and increase them if they are too low. As anyone with hot flashes can attest, a natural antidote to the discomfort that menopause can cause becomes a necessity as we age. However, it’s not just about menopause.

An imbalance of estrogen in the body can happen much sooner than menopause, for other reasons and with many other symptoms than hot flashes. Low estrogen, a common hormonal imbalance, can cause mood swings, dry skin, trouble sleeping, and more.

Hormonal imbalances can very negatively impact your life, which is why possibly balancing hormones is one of the top Angelica Sinensis benefits.

2. One of the Most Important Angelica Sinensis Benefits: This Herb Could Prevent a Stroke

80% of stroke patients suffer from cerebral infarction, which is a blockage or narrowing in the arteries that supply blood and oxygen to the brain. Studies have shown that the incredible Angelica Sinensis root is effective in reducing the size of cerebral infarction and improving neurological deficit scores. Angelica Sinensisworks through multiple pathways, improving microcirculation and anti-platelet aggregation while also having an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidative effect. TCM has long been prescribing this herb for post-stroke recovery due to its therapeutic effects.

Of all the Angelica Sinensis benefits, this particular benefit is especially important if you read the list of your genetic health risks in your CircleDNA report and find out that you’re genetically at a higher risk of stroke. Prevention is key.

3. Relief of Inflammation and Arthritis Symptoms

The symptoms of arthritis can be quite uncomfortable. One of the Angelica Sinensis benefits is that it could potentially be a natural remedy that alleviates some arthritis symptoms. It won’t work for everyone, but it could be worth a try. Some naturopaths or doctors might recommend this herb to be used as a supplement to reduce inflammation in the body caused by arthritis, and the pain that comes with that inflammation.

4. Improves Skin

This radical root works as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substance to help naturally heal skin conditions such as alopecia, psoriasis, and eczema. The root is also said to increase  circulation, improves your complexion, and aids detoxification to clear blemishes.

5. Angelica Sinsensis Could Help Relieve PMS Symptoms

Known as a ‘female tonic’ for generations, Angelica Sinensis has been used in the West as an emmenagogue in the regulation of menstruation since the 1890’s. Reports have shown beneficial effects for a wide range of symptoms related to your monthly period. It relieves menstrual pain by acting as an antispasmodic that eases cramps. It also dilates your blood vessels to increase flow and help replenish blood after your period. Much like in the brain, it works on multiple fronts by both stimulating the uterus and relaxing it which increases DNA synthesis and growth of uterine tissue.

6. Natural Energy Boost

Angelica Sinensis promotes hematopoiesis, which means it stimulates the bone marrow to produce blood, thereby improving blood flow. It improves blood circulation throughout the body which can boost energy levels, fight fatigue and promote healing. This is because better blood flow delivers more oxygen to your brain and tissues, which naturally increases energy.

7. Blood Health Benefits

This rich source of folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12 and nicotinic acid, acts as a blood purifier and thinner, which helps prevent blood clots. It has an amazing vitamin and mineral content which is helpful after any injury or surgery to replenish your red blood cells and increase blood volume.

8. Helps With Digestive Issues Such As Constipation

The oil extracted from this root is particularly nourishing to the blood and can be used for moistening dryness, moistening the intestines, and promoting healthy bowel movements. Studies have shown Angelica Sinensis to have a mild laxative effect. Chronic sufferers of constipation may find relief through regular ingestion of Angelica Sinensis.

9. Combats Loss of Libido

According to some sources, this herbal extract can be beneficial to both male and female sexual dysfunction or loss of sex drive. In one Egyptian study, male testosterone levels improved which led to enhanced sexual drive and performance. For women, it acts specifically to optimize the impact of female hormones which promotes greater sensitivity and responsiveness to sexual pleasure. This is why perhaps traditional Chinese medicine recommended use of dong quai as a means of intensifying the sensations experienced during an orgasm, particularly for women.

10. Could Heal Ulcers

Gastric ulcers are a health problem affecting about 4.5 million people annually in the United States. As many of us know, these breaks in your stomach lining can cause considerable pain. Polysaccharides found in Angelica Sinensis possess strong anti-inflammatory action which has been shown in rat trials to reduce the area of ulcers while also providing a significant increase in mucus synthesis to potentially prevent further ulcers.

There are countless Angelica Sinensis benefits, even more than this list. Angelica Sinensis root is an incredible gift from Mother Earth.  It has also been shown to act as a mood balancer and reduce anxiety, aids in reduction of fibroids, and has multiple studies showing its anti-carcinogenic properties that could help prevent cancer and disease. Like all roots, it has its contraindications, especially if the dose is too high, so do your research and proceed slowly. The root of Angelica Sinensis has a wonderful, nutty flavor which tastes great in tea.

Talk to your doctor before trying Angelica Sinensis, to find out if any current medications you’re taking could interact negatively with it, and to find out a safe dose. As mentioned, too high of a dose could cause issues, so ensure you’re educated before trying it.


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