Benefits of Aqua Jogging

Aqua Jogging is a very effective type of cardio workout that mimics the motion of jogging while the majority of your body is submerged in water. Aqua jogging burns more calories than running on land, and contrary to running on land, aqua jogging is a low-impact workout that is easier on your joints.

In other words, aqua jogging will likely provide you with better results than running, with less work and less overall impact on the body.

Aqua jogging is part of a fitness regimen known as aquatic fitness or ‘water aerobics’, and it’s as simple as running laps in a pool. The resistance of the water will slow you down, so it’ll feel more like jogging, but it burns a lot of calories and is a great workout.

Aqua jogging might feel somewhat similar to running against strong winds, because of the water’s resistance, but it’ll still feel easier than running on land.

How to Make Sure You’re Aqua Jogging Correctly

The added resistance of the water makes aqua jogging a fantastic workout, but the resistance won’t be as strong if you have bare feet.

Your best bet is to get water shoes, and wear those while you’re jogging.

To ensure you’re aqua jogging correctly, try to keep almost your whole body (shoulders down) underwater, and pump your arms as you move your legs, the same way you would if you were running on land.

As far as form goes, try to keep your back straight and your core engaged as you jog in the water.

To introduce yourself to aqua jogging, you may decide to sign up for a few water jogging classes at an aquatic fitness company or at your local community center. This way, you’ll learn how to do it, and you could start doing it on your own.

When you start jogging on your own, you may wish to do a 5 – 10 minute warm-up on dry land (poolside) first. This could include jumping jacks, high knees, or running in place.

Then aim for 12 rounds or laps, each should be roughly 2 minutes of higher intensity aqua jogging, followed by lower intensity for 2 minute, and repeat. This will end up being just under 1 hour of working out.

Below are some of the top benefits of aqua jogging:

Aqua Jogging Offers a Much Lower Risk of Injury

Running on land is a high-impact workout, and runners are often getting knee injuries such as runner’s knee, or ankle and achilles tendon injuries.

water jogging, however, is a type of cardiovascular workout that significantly reduces your risk of injury because you are doing your workout in water.

This means it’s easier on your ankles, knees, achilles, and just easier on your body in general.

Low-impact exercises such as aqua jogging are great for people who are beginning their physical fitness journey and aren’t in great shape yet, and those who are elderly or pregnant. Low-impact workouts are also better for those who have a joint health condition such as arthritis, and those who are recovering from an injury or prone to injuries.

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You Can Burn Tons of Calories Without Noticing Much Impact

Water aerobics such as aqua jogging are interesting in that you don’t notice much impact, and it doesn’t feel like super hard work, but you are burning tons of calories. This may be because it’s less noticeable how hard you’re working due to the upward buoyancy of water making you feel lighter, and making the workout feel easier than it actually is.

As mentioned earlier, you can burn more calories aqua jogging than running regularly on dry land.

It’s a More Affordable Way to Workout

Many people find that water aerobics such as aqua jogging is a more affordable way to exercise, as gym memberships can be much more costly than the fee to use the local community center pool.

It’s even more affordable if you already have access to a private pool, perhaps through a family member or because there’s a pool in your apartment building.

If you have access to a pool, the only cost of aqua jogging is just a couple of pieces of equipment such as water shoes and perhaps a flotation belt to go around your waist in case you do your jogging in deep water.

Aqua Jogging Strengthens Your Entire Body

Aquatic fitness is a great form of resistance training and strength training, due to the added resistance of the water. When you exercise in the water vertically (such as by aqua jogging) you’ll find that it’s more of a resistance and strength-based workout than horizontally swimming is.

it’s requires you to engage your core, pump your legs and arms, and it therefore strengthens and tones the muscles in your body.

You Can Protect Yourself From the Elements

If you buy an affordable membership to a community center or aquatic center that has an indoor pool, you’ll always be able to do aqua jogging sessions without being outside.

Exercising in an indoor pool year-round is great because you can protect yourself from harsh winter weather, and you’ll also protect yourself from sun damage in the summer. People who run outdoors often have to battle with weather conditions, and protect themselves from sun exposure, winter exposure, rain and more.

More logistics are required for outdoor running, for example in the summer when you need to wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to help avoid sun damage. You’re also at risk for heat exhaustion if you exercise outdoors in the summer heat. In the winter, the cold air breathed in if you go for an outdoor run can hard on your lungs and throat.

do the jogging in a temperature-controlled indoor pool is a great way to protect your body from harsh weather elements.

Have you ever tried water jogging or another type of water aerobics? Let us know in the comments!

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