Breast Cancer Campaign Special: Inspiring Stories From Influencers Around the World

Did you know that breast cancer is the world’s leading cause of cancer mortality in women? One in 19 women has a chance of developing breast cancer by the age of 75. More often than not, whenever we hear the scary C-word, we are overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness and helplessness as we are under the impression that developing cancer is out of our control.

The key is to learn about your susceptibility to common health risks in order to take preventative measures. According to WHO, 80% of all diseases and cancers can be prevented by diet and lifestyle. Taking a DNA test will give you visibility on your genetic composition, allowing you to identify diet and lifestyle choices that could best optimize your health and decrease your chances of getting common diseases such as breast cancer.

Listen to how our #CircleChangemakers used the CircleDNA test to find out their breast cancer risks.

Ula Shen Raises Awareness About Breast Cancer With CircleDNA

As a professional baseball cheerleader, Ula Shen is a firm believer that health is priceless. In conjunction with Breast Cancer Month, she praises the strength of breast cancer survivors around the world and encourages her followers to give their full support to family and friends battling this disease. As a mother and an athlete herself, she understands the resilience and strength women need to wear different hats and fulfil different responsibilities in life. As such, she emphasizes the importance of self-love to her followers and encourages them to take a CircleDNA test to unlock more than 500 in-depth health reports to find out what diseases they are susceptible to and help prevent them as early as possible. Loving yourself starts now!

Defeat Cancer Before It Arises

Knowing someone close to you who has battled breast cancer is a scary experience. Finding out that her aunt got diagnosed with breast cancer was a life-changing moment for Aksana. Amid the rollercoaster of emotions, Aksana decided to take the CircleDNA test as the detailed reports provide visibility on genetic composition, allowing you to identify diet and lifestyle choices such that you can drastically reduce the risk of contracting diseases such as breast cancer. Aksana also highlights that men should be wary of getting breast cancer as contrary to popular belief, breast cancer isn’t gender-specific! Aksana strongly believes that prevention is better than cure and that it is possible to defeat cancer before it arises with the help of genetic testing.

Breast Cancer Warrior Maggie Finds The Best Treatments For Her With The Help of CircleDNA

Maggie is a professional ballet dancer suffering from metastatic breast cancer. Finding the right treatment can be a tricky affair as people have different tolerances and reactions to different forms of medical treatment. This breast cancer warrior utilized the CircleDNA test to help her find out as much information as she can about herself. She is optimistic that her CircleDNA reports about food sensitivity and drugs can help her doctors find the best treatments that work for her.

Amy Believes That Early Detection Makes All the Difference

As a mother, Amy shares the importance of prioritizing her health. The lifestyle influencer firmly believes that prevention is better than cure and that she can only take care of her family and loved ones if her health is in tip-top condition. As a result, she took the CircleDNA test to find out her predisposition to diseases and health risks such as breast cancer. Did you know 1 in 14 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime? Since breast cancer devastates families by affecting women of all ages, with CircleDNA Amy encourages her followers to get tested as early detection makes all the difference.

Kharina Speaks Up About Breast Cancer

Known for her outspokenness, Kharina is a fashion model that doesn’t shy away from controversial topics. Breast cancer is something near and dear to her heart and she took to Instagram to spread awareness about how this disease can affect both women and men. Thankfully, according to the WHO, up to 80% of all diseases and cancers can be prevented by diet and lifestyle. With the CircleDNA test, she can get to know herself better and make the correct lifestyle choices to lower the risk of getting breast cancer.

Early Cancer Defence is the Best Defence

Fome is a Thai travel and lifestyle blogger. In conjunction with CircleDNA’s Breast Cancer Campaign, he emphasizes that breast cancer “isn’t only for women”. In addition to that, he raises awareness about breast cancer by encouraging his fans to periodically perform self-checks such that breast cancer can be detected and halted at an early stage. Spreading awareness about the stages of breast cancer is important because if you find out a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, the stage they caught it at often makes all the difference. Early cancer defence is the best defence!

Mandy’s Breast Cancer Scare

Having a personal breast cancer scare was a wake-up call for Mandy. 10 years ago, she felt a pain in her breast and upon receiving checks in the hospital, she discovered that the pain stemmed from a tumour. Luckily, she was able to get medical help in time and nothing serious happened. However, the breast cancer scare urged Mandy to pay more attention to her eating and lifestyle habits to keep the tumour from mutating. With the help of CircleDNA reports, she can better understand her risks and figure out the optimized lifestyle and nutrition for her.

Jeannie Shares That Breast Cancer is Genetic

According to Cancer Organization, about 5% to 10% of breast cancer cases are thought to be hereditary. After witnessing the passing of a few of her uncles due to cancer, Jeannie senses a pattern. She wants to take control of her life and break out of this pattern. As such, she started to care and pay more attention to her health and took the CircleDNA test, which revealed that she has poor immunity. Upon this shocking realization, she can be more aware of her body composition and decide the best lifestyle and eating habits for herself.


Worried about you or your loved ones developing breast cancer? Get your friends and family the gift of health – a CircleDNA test kit. With over500 in-depth reports, this testing kit is the most comprehensive genetic DNA test out there.CircleDNA can also help you identify your genetic risks for 36 cancers, including breast cancer. If your DNA test results show that you have a genetic predisposition towards developing certain cancers, this will make you eligible for early screening of that specific type of cancer and will empower you to prevent cancer early before it can arise.

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