Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month in 2021 with 6 CircleDNA Changemakers

6 inspiring CircleDNA Changemakers celebrate Pride Month by sharing their stories. Learn how you can understand yourself better and embrace your uniqueness.

There is so much more than the glitz and glamour when we celebrate Pride Month. In fact, Pride Month had a turbulent start. This month, over 50 years ago, a police raid in the gay communities caused spontaneous demonstrations and created a movement that we now know as the Gay Pride Movement.

In this day and age, Gay Pride is more commonly accepted in society. However, it isn’t always seen in a positive light, which is why it’s important to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community to show support and encourage them to embrace and love their true selves.

As Pride Month 2021 comes to a close, we’ve gathered inspiring stories from 6 CircleDNA Changemakers on how they celebrated Pride Month this year.

I’m Celebrating This Pride Month by Becoming the Best Version of Myself

Kunch, Content Creator @kunch0715

Kunch is a marketing communication personnel and travel, food, and lifestyle content creator. He has all sorts of content including Instagram pictures, YouTube videos, and podcasts. His curious and creative mind loves exploring and learning, which got him thinking about DNA…

When you hear the term ‘DNA’, what do you think of? For Kunch, DNA has always been a big mystery. He wondered, “If everyone has a unique code, will I be able to understand my body better once I read my own?”

To put that to the test, he decided to take a CircleDNA test. In addition to that, he also wants to find out if he is of mixed heritage if being fussy with food can be in his genes, and if his body is more prone to obesity.

Since the CircleDNA Premium Kit provides more than 500 reports, he is well on his way to finding the best diet, nutrition, and exercise program for his body.,

Kunch found the sampling process to be fun, quick, and easy. It took him just five minutes to download the app, follow the instructions and put his saliva sample in the enclosed self-addressed envelope.

I’m Celebrating This Pride Month by Looking after My Loved Ones

Daniel, Content Creator @ddanielchen

This Pride Month, Daniel is spreading the love by taking care of his sister’s well-being. She has many allergies and his family is always on the lookout for helpful tips and possible solutions.

Through the CircleDNA test, his sister will be able to find out what foods she should avoid and what she should eat more of, the most suitable exercise for her body, the best diet for her body, and get a recommended daily routine.

If you’ve already done a DNA test for yourself, Daniel suggests getting additional tests for your loved ones so that they too can learn more about themselves and keep diseases away.

I’m Celebrating This Pride Month by Taking Care of My Health and Body

Alex, Content Creator @alexwuzizi

Alex has been fit for as long as he can remember. Have a scroll through his physique pictures on Instagram and we’re sure you’ll agree!

He’s active and regularly enjoys badminton, jogging, and surfing, but he’s never done a full physical examination before. The last time he had a checkup was during a simple physical examination he had before joining the army.

Alex thinks that the CircleDNA Premium Kit is suitable for him as it provides a wide range of reports including the risk of diseases.

Although he doesn’t think that he has any health problems now, he would like to find out if he has any underlying health conditions so he can take preventative measures.

He loves how simple and straightforward the test is and recommends it to his followers. He describes the test to be cheaper than a ten thousand dollar hospital visit. Plus, it’s easy to do at home during the pandemic.

I’m Celebrating This Pride Month by Diving into Self-exploration

Simon, Dancer and Content Creator @saisaichun

Simon isn’t shy about sharing yoga, dancing, dessert, and LGBTQ+ on Instagram. You will be impressed by his smooth dance moves and drool-worthy food pictures.

Even though he loves all the delicious food out there, he is prone to inflammation since he was a child. He has always been curious to see exactly what is going on in his body.

As someone who prioritises health, Simon is looking forward to discovering optimised nutrition and exercise regime for his DNA. Furthermore, the test will give him information on health risks to enable him to lead a healthier life.

He recommends CircleDNA’s comprehensive test to improve your life and avoid potential health hazards. And, to Simon, the DNA test can fast track your self-exploration journey and let you understand yourself better.

I’m Celebrating This Pride Month by Learning More about Myself

Jemn, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger @jemooong

You may know Jemn from his aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed or from his beauty videos on YouTube. He’s best known for his transformation videos that offer makeup tips and encourage viewers to experiment.

As an advocate of stepping outside your comfort zone and breaking societal beauty standards, Jemn is all about self-love and self-discovery.

He knows himself pretty well on the outside, but he’s interested to learn more about himself from the inside.

His CircleDNA Premium Kit will tell him more about his cancer and disease risk, suitable diet plan, health risks, family planning, drug response, stress and sleep patterns, and countless more reports!

He will be able to put his mind at ease and learn more about his current health condition. Besides that, he’ll also be able to find out what supplements his body and skin needs.

I’m Celebrating This Pride Month by Embracing How I Was #bornthisway

Red, Brand Manager @redseo

As a content creator and brand manager of established brands like Martell, Mumm, and Perrier-Jouet, Red is well-known on social media.

Through his Instagram posts, you’ll often see him promote creativity and self-love. Red is sure of himself, loves nature, and supports LGBTQIA communities. However, he’s on a continuous journey to deepening his self-understanding.

Red decided to take a CircleDNA test to learn more about himself. Now, he can learn more about his heritage, genetics, health, and all the likes to find out what makes him who he is today!

Celebrate Pride with CircleDNA

Genes tell a story, and genetic tests serve as a cheat sheet to help you find out more about yourself. 6 of our CircleDNA Changemakers share their heartwarming stories on how genetic tests help them learn more about themselves and spurred them to embrace their uniqueness on Pride Month. With a quick swab, find out your best diet, workout, and health risks based on your genes.

Want to learn more? Head over to CircleDNA to find out more!

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