Best Staycation Activities This Easter, Based on Your Personality

Hunting for Easter eggs has been a tradition since the start of the holiday. While Easter is around the corner, you’d best believe that the long holiday is a great time to be hunting for something special. Take our quiz to find out your Easter best staycation activities based on your results!

Like an Easter egg, we’re all decorated with different mixes which makes us truly unique. Everyone has their own preference. In our own colour, we all come from different walks of life, have different aspirations and stories of our own.

However, the only thing we all have in common as humans, just like Easter eggs, is that we are only human. We have our differences, but still, we share the same type of journey we want to be in.

Each colour addresses an aspect of Easter hunting we’d like to hop on.

In order to understand which Easter egg colour suits you best, we’ve prepared a quiz for you to unravel your Easter egg colour! Find out your Easter best staycation activities now!

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By now, you should have done our little quiz and found out your Easter egg colour – aka the type of Easter egg hunt you prefer to go on this weekend.

The long Easter weekend is the perfect time to take a relaxing break before the summer season. Keeping yourself recharged helps you maintain a grip on your energy to start the coming season.

Whether it’s about munching on chocolate eggs, or anything to loosen up with – you’ll find everything tailored-made to your egg colour, which ensures that your Easter hunt goes egg-cellent!

Blue: Treat Yo-self, But Treat It Right

💙 If you fall into the Blue Sky group, chances are you want to find that optimal diet and be in your best shape.

It’s not a holiday if you’re not treating yourself to some bites. We’re not talking about eating tons of chocolate over the holidays. Sure, you can have chocolate, but do be wary of the amount you consume.

On the topic of food, going on a food hunt around the restaurants in your town is a great way to discover new things. Consider it another one of your easter best staycation activities for the long weekend. Have fun on Easter with these best staycation activities. Alternatively, you can have a picnic and enjoy a delicious sandwich while experiencing the beautiful scenery around you.

You gotta nourish to flourish. 

Even if you think you’ve seen it all, who is to say you’ve had the best avocado toast in your area? Nobody knows. You might stumble upon the world’s best chicken strip salad residing in your area. The hilltop behind your apartment building might show you a breathtaking view. It’s not a hunt if you’re not unraveling things around you.

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Red: It’s Not A Long Weekend If You Don’t Get To Chill

❤️️ If you get Pomegranate Red, you have always been cautious, quite on your nerves and ready to enjoy both preventive health for a peace of mind and some chillax time.

It’s time to catch up with all the great Netflix shows you didn’t have time for. Maybe you’ve missed a lot, since you might have wasted your precious free time on some really bad ones. Perhaps you’ll be on a hunt for a great show? 👀

You don’t need to worry about “wasted time” since that’s what the long weekend is all about. Taking the time to tune out and toning down to a mellow mood is the definition of chilling.

It’s the best opportunity to meditate. Probably the best time to “hunt” (or discover) new things to listen to, like random and unfamiliar podcasts or another YouTube playlist featuring 24 hour-long lofi music!

The long Easter weekend is also the perfect time to unravel new hobbies too. It might be time to brush off the dust that’s been hanging around the acoustic guitar you left in your closet for the past years.

Unravel new hobbies, there is no rush with the long Easter weekend

Green: Venture Out Into The Wild!

💚 For Jade Green, wellness, a change of environment and a breath of fresh air are things that would naturally cheer you on.

Essentially, hunting means going out on an adventure as a search for something. In this case, it’s a great time for discovery. It’s a great chance to try going to places you’ve never been before!

With international travel still off the table, all of us are still spending a long weekend at the comfort of our own place or town. But just because we can’t travel right now, it doesn’t mean we don’t have any places to venture to.

“Land really is the best art.” – Andy Warhol 

There are tons of things you can do locally, like going on a hike or taking photos of the scenery you haven’t been before in your area. Be your own local tourist!

Venturing out doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Participating in (safe) outdoor group activities like yoga in nature settings can help you re-energise your mind.

While it’s been established that Easter hunting is a great time for discovery, your own Easter hunt can play an opportunity towards re-discovering yourself – through yoga and deep self-reflection with outdoor activities!

Yellow: Easter Best Staycation Activities With The Fam

💛 ForSunshine Yellow, you care for the others – most likely your family – and make plans ahead.

The past year has made us confined to our homes. Having our family members near us at almost every time of our day, or week can be really tiring. While we’re still stuck at home, it’s nice for everyone to step outside together every once in a while.

Stepping outside can be very refreshing. The long Easter holiday is a great opportunity for outdoor group activities with your family. Visiting the cinema, going on a family hike, eating around unfamiliar local restaurants – they’re all hunting activities you can do with your family members over the Easter holidays!

Hunt What Is Right For You

It is clear that this weekend’s Easter hunt revolves around health. The past year has taught us all a valuable lesson about our well-being, thus going on a health hunt is quite fitting as the theme for this year’s Easter holiday in 2021.

Going for a health hunt is a sure-fire way to energise yourselves. Especially before coming back to work from the long weekend, and face the upcoming summer season.

There are many things we can do to make good use of this time. Like taking the opportunity with outdoor activities such as hiking, being your town’s local tourist and also trying out unfamiliar restaurants in your area – they are different types of Easter hunting in 2021.

Easter hunting is an occasion that happens with family, which makes it even more fitting when considering outdoor group activities!

Hunt For Health, With DNA Insights

Hunting is all about discovery. It’s not easy to venture into your health hunt if you’re unclear about your directions to better health.

How can we hunt health down this Easter and crack the much-fitting health insights?

Like your genes, everyone is unique and has different health needs. To crack into the insights of your genetic makeup, our ChangeMakers have stood up to lead by example.

In the Circle ChangeMaker community, many of our influencers, also known as ChangeMakers, have their own struggles and personal stories to share. They took the initiative to act upon it. If they can do it, so can you.

Find out their Circle colours and how you can follow suit:

“I was really lucky to have come across DNA tests, so I understood that I actually have a higher sensitivity for carbohydrates, which is something I am eating probably in all three meals in a day. Now that I understand this, I need to choose smart carbohydrates foods instead of white rice, white bread and processed carbohydrates that I was eating a lot of back then.” Read Anna’s Story

“It was eye-opening. I’m not bloating anymore, my sleep is much better, my recovery is faster, and the best one is lean mass. I have a gene that doesn’t allow me to build a little mass. That explains why it took me so long to get there.” Read Mack’s Story

“In my early 20s, I thought we were invincible. At least I thought I was invincible, so I could do anything to my body. However, after I turned 25, things started to happen. That’s when I got really serious and started learning more about health and fitness in general. That’s when I found CircleDNA. It was exactly what I was looking for.” Read Dina’s Story

“I think every parent would want to provide the best possible start for their children. We can start by doing DNA tests to know more about ourselves, so we can take the necessary precautions. My results indicate that I carry some serious hereditary conditions in my gene. I’m lucky in the sense that I’m not one of the rare cases that experience symptoms like joint and abdominal pain or fatigue, but I still wouldn’t want that to be passed onto my children.”Read Sonia’s Story

Circle is so ready to start this adventure with you.

Guesswork ends when knowledge flourishes.

We all have questions. Whether we’re on the “right” diet, the “right” exercise, or even if we’re prone to getting dementia in the future.

All this guesswork ends with one swab.

One simple saliva swab test that provides all the answers you need to press on, for greater health.

Getting your DNA insight based on your egg colour is as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Hunt: Catch that egg of your colour

2. Crack: Crack on for our valuable DNA insights

3. Act: Turn our actionable insights into your daily habits

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