Father’s Day Special: Best #CircleCelebratesDad Stories

The time has come for us to celebrate and give credit to our greatest superheroes #CircleCelebratesDads this Father’s Day. Being the man of the house comes with a lot of joy, but it is also demanding, with everyone turning to you as a pillar of strength especially during these troubled times. However, the strongest of us gets tired, and dads need your care and support just as much. Although we may never be able to thank our dads enough for their constant support and life lessons, we can show them how much we love and care about their wellbeing.

Looking for the perfect gift for dad? Whether he is your biological dad, your grandfather, your uncle, your professor, your coach, your best friend’s dad… Help him make his health a priority by giving him the #GiftOfHealth that lasts a lifetime. Forget the generic neckties or “Best Father” mugs. From the perfect sunnies for summer to pampering him with the best skincare for men, check out our Father’s Day Gift cheat sheet for some inspiration! Looking to get dad an extra special gift? We’ve got one that stands above the rest: the gift of health. With up to 500+ valuable health reports to one’s physical and emotional wellbeing, this is easily the most thoughtful gift in the world.

Here are some heart-warming comments from Circle ChangeMakers this Father’s Day!

Pony Finds the Perfect Gift for Dad

Pony Pong wears a lot of hats. The former dancer and beauty queen describes CircleDNA test kits as the perfect gift to pamper her father this Father’s Day. The older your father gets, the more susceptible he is to all sorts of health risks and diseases.With up to 500+ comprehensive health reports, Pony is excited to give her father the gift of awareness. She wants to look after her father the way he took care of her when she was little. A simple saliva swab can determine the risks of up to 115 cancer and disease reports. All fathers deserve the best and by giving your father the gift of health, he can understand his health risks and make personalized changes to his lifestyle, and in turn, live a longer and healthier life.

Tiffany Protects Dad with CircleDNA

Dads are protectors. It’s in their DNA. Growing up, Tiffany Lovage describes her dad as a silent supporter. Despite the light-hearted, carefree, derpy image shown, he constantly shoulders burdens and refuses to let his children worry about him. Like all dads, he forgets about himself and fusses over his family. We can’t thank our dads for everything they’ve done for us, but we can show them how much we care for their wellbeing. This Father’s Day, Tiffany is excited to give him the best gift: to protect his health with CircleDNA. A quick swab can reveal your genes, from health risks to personality traits. Besides her sensitive nose, the illustrator is excited to find out other characteristics she has in common with her dad.

Trixie Gets to Know the Man of Her Life

Wondering what to get your husband this Father’s Day? Trixie Isla-Velez has a great idea. As a fitness entrepreneur and Nike Trainer, she understands the value of health and fitness. Some clients may lose weight easily by going on a keto diet, while others find it hard to shed pounds. Her message: stop wasting time figuring out the magic formula for you! Switching diets and workouts can be costly and tiring. Hence, she got her husband a CircleDNA test kit to show her care for his wellbeing. This comprehensive genetic test can provide valuable insights such as the best diet to see weight loss results, calculate health risks, and figuring out the optimum workout based on your genes. Furthermore, the genetic test can pick up personality and behavioural traits, hence showcasing Trixie’s husband patience for Lexie and his jovial nature. You’re either born with it, or you’re not!

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Tiz Zaqyah is a creative at heart. The Malaysian model, singer and actress is confident that she got her artistic side from her father. She shares her life with her 2.3 million followers and was ecstatic to show how CircleDNA can help uncover things you may not realize about your loved ones. To thank her father for his support and life lessons throughout her life, she gifted him with a CircleDNA test this Father’s Day. Getting a DNA test for your father can be a fun activity to reinforce what you already know and learn new things about your father. Who knows, you may share more similarities than you think!

I Got It from My Daddy

As the catchy tune by PSY goes, “I got it from my daddy”. Andrei King shares with his 597k followers that he “owes his good looks and abs” from his dad. The comprehensive genetic tests even report personality, behavioural, and success traits. In fact, Andrei describes some personality traits he shares in common with his father. They both have a “strong but loving personality, a great sense of independence and purpose in life”. Andrei is thankful for his father for blessing him with great genes and traits, and gifted his father with a DNA test to celebrate Father’s Day. What else will they uncover?

Let Dad Take Charge of His Own Health

This travel influencer has been around the world, and he describes CircleDNA as the perfect gift for dad. Desmond Wong is a firm believer that “prevention is better than cure”. Our parents have spent decades of their life caring for us. Now, it is time for us to do the same. With 500+ personalised reports across 20 categories, CircleDNA provides much-needed insights for his dad to assess his health risks and take charge of his own health. Desmond wants to share these insights with his father to ease his burden and look after his father. With his newfound awareness, he can make changes to his diet and lifestyle and take preventative health measures!

To Be Strong For My Daughters, Father’s Day & Beyond

Dr Izzar Anwari describes fatherhood to his two princesses as the most rewarding thing in his life. However, it can be an extremely demanding job, especially during these tough times. Dads need strength and support more than ever, and CircleDNA can help him understand his needs based on his genes. Based on the extensive reports, he can personalize his diet and lifestyle so he can care for his children. Furthermore, after getting several comments from people about how one of his daughters look a lot like him, he is excited to uncover other categories such as physical traits, behavioural and personality traits. We wonder which daughter takes after him more?

Rhea’s #GiftOfHealth

Rhea Villega wants to send an important message, this Father’s Day. Her dad has brought her up and taught her countless life lessons over the years, and she wants to return the favor. We can’t thank our father figures enough for their sacrifice, but we can show our love and care for them. To show her appreciation, she gifted him with a CircleDNA test kit. With just a quick swab, he can uncover brain health, disease risks and wellbeing reports that help identify any potential illnesses. Besides that, Rhea is also excited to learn what his genes say about his behavioural and personality traits. It is often said that children are perfect mirrors of their parents. Maybe Rhea got her father’s hardworking trait and wisdom!

Celine Protects the Man of the House This Father’s Day

Celine Goh describes her husband as a tree, unwavering and strong. Being the hero of the family is rewarding, but it can be extremely tough. With joy and love, comes heavy responsibility. Children turn to their parents for care and support, especially when times are hard. Dads shoulder this burden, but sometimes, they need the care and support as much as we do. This Father’s Day, Celine and her children decided to get the man of the house the most precious gift of all: the gift of health. With the CircleDNA test, her husband can understand up to 500+ health risks and personality traits. In addition to that, he can take preventative measures by proactively making changes in his lifestyle. That way, he is strong enough to take care of any challenges faced by his loved ones.

To Be Strong for My Princesses

Kevin Tien always wondered who his child would look like. Him or his wife? His daughter is a spitting image to him and that spurred his interest in taking a genetic test. Now that he has a daughter, he wants one thing only, and that’s to be healthy and strong for himself and his girl. He wants to be as strong as he can to protect and care for his daughter’s wellbeing, and to support and pass on his life lessons to this bundle of joy. He is anxious about finding out extensive reports to showcase his risks and diseases, and even success traits. Who knows what traits he’ll pass on to his baby girl? With the extensive reports, he can actively make smarter lifestyle choices according to his genetic report. This way, he can stay around as long as possible to witness the growth of his baby girl.

The Most Thoughtful Gift for Dad

Although it is often overlooked, health is the most important thing in the world. What if you could put “health” in a bottle and give it to your father? Jessa Breeze decided to give her dad the next best thing this Father’s Day: a CircleDNA test. Her father has been her rock all these years. In order to show how much she cares for him, she decided to make his health a priority and gifted him with a CircleDNA test this Father’s Day. She believes that the 500+ personalized insights from the test can help her father be aware of his Achilles heel(s), and make changes in his lifestyle so he can live a long, healthy life.

Find Out Your Heritage

Have you ever wondered about your ancestry? Sometimes you may be surprised by the results! Arthur’s ancestry results came back as Chinese and 4% Vietnamese. He must have gotten it from his father whose test results also contain Vietnamese heritage. This Father’s Day, grab a kit for you and dad to find out your heritage. From trivial things such as sleep patterns to personality traits, it would be a fun activity to indulge and make comparisons about both of your results. Make a day out of it!

Why CircleDNA Kit Is the Perfect #GiftOfHealth

CircleDNA is the perfect gift for Father’s Day to show your love and appreciation for him.

We’ve heard horror stories on how diseases such as cancers were not detected until it’s too late. You are healthy…until you’re not. We cannot predict the future, but, with CircleDNA, we can do our best to detect the onset of illnesses early on. The older we are, the more susceptible we are to diseases. Ease your father’s burden and save the feeling of helplessness and heartache. With just a quick swab, CircleDNA tests can reveal up to 500+ reports that describe everything from increased risks of diseases and cancers to the best diet and workout for you based on your genes. The older we get, the more susceptible we are to diseases. It is crucial to understand and detect your father’s health risks as early as possible and get help. Prevention is always, better than cure!

It’s not just about illnesses either. We’re surrounded by trending diets (e.g. veganism, keto diets) and new workouts such as HIIT, aerobic exercises which seem to pop out of nowhere. With all the workout and diet trends saturating the market, finding the right formula for you can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Feel sick and tired of trying new diets with zero results? CircleDNA can pinpoint the best workout and diet for you based on your genes. Personalize your diet and workouts based on CircleDNA insights and hack your way to living your best life!

Finally, to all the dads out there… Take the opportunity to celebrate and treat yourself on this special occasion! CircleDNA will enable you to look after yourself so you can stay strong and look after your family.

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