How DNA Testing Changed Award-Winning Bodybuilder Mack Fitt

Bodybuilder Maciej Pijewski (you can call him Mack Fitt) has one of those physical transformation success stories that truly makes you believe in the power of self-motivation and ambition. Mack is the definition of an underdog.  Although he dealt with serious setbacks, he continues to defy the odds and comes out on top.

Nobody is born with Mack’s chiselled physique, not even Mack himself. “I was always the skinny kid who found it really hard to bulk up,” explains Mack. As a fitness lover, he actively joins Spartan races and powerlifting meets. He would even spend most of his time working out. Despite being actively involved in the fitness scene, he always had a skinny frame with low muscle mass.

What Mack Fitt didn’t know is that it was written in his DNA to be on the skinnier side, with lower muscle mass. So how did Mack defy the odds to achieve his physical breakthrough and become the award-winning fitness model, bodybuilder, health-tech entrepreneur and fitness influencer he is today? Before we get to his inspirational physical transformation story, let’s discuss Mack’s backstory:

Health as the End Goal

Mack’s father had serious health struggles which helped Mack realise the overall importance of health. Mack disclosed,  “My father passed away because of health and medical conditions, and I was absolutely overcome with grief.” Mack explains, “I decided to honour both my father and my grandfather by committing to a healthy lifestyle. My grandfather once told me that even though we know we will die, we should want to live healthy to the end.”

The passing of Mack’s father resulted in an epiphany: He was inspired to reprioritise his life’s purpose, from chasing wealth to investing in health. “Health became more important than money,” Mack explains. “My dad’s health struggles and his passing motivated me to do something good that helps people.”

Journey to Becoming a Personal Trainer

Mack became a full-time personal trainer and was spending a lot of one-on-one time with his clients. He was also doing virtual personal training sessions online, with international clients.

Exercise, strength training and physical fitness became an outlet for Mack’s grief. He poured his energy and his emotions into his training.

Training others and helping others became Mack’s saving grace. He was turning his grief into meaningful progress and a life purpose dedicated to healthy living.

While looking for supplements for his personal training clients, Mack accidentally came across a DNA testing advertisement. He tries a DNA test to understand how genes play a role in one’s fitness capabilities. Besides that, he knew he could empower his clients with these insights.

How CircleDNA Results Helped Mack Fitt with his Physical Transformation

After Mack ordered his CircleDNA kit, he was eager to get the results. He was very excited to learn about his genetics and nutrigenomics.

“The results from my CircleDNA test were very eye-opening,” explains Mack. “First of all, I got clarification from the reports that I’m likely to be very sensitive to carbohydrates. I therefore immediately changed my diet to a low-carb diet. My results also indicated that I’m likely to be lactose intolerant. Once I removed lactose from my diet, I stopped bloating. My sleep quality improved. My body was recovering faster after my workouts. This made a huge difference in my fitness routine.”

Mack’s DNA Results

The DNA results provided Mack with a new perspective on nutrition, fitness, and his own strengths and weaknesses. So what was Mack’s most eye-opening genetic report from his DNA test? Mack reveals, “The most interesting result I got from my CircleDNA test was about my lean muscle mass. CircleDNA informed me that based on my genetic results, I’m likely to have a lower lean muscle mass. This means that compared to the average person, I will have more difficulty building strength and building muscle mass.” The report confirmed that it was genetically more difficult for Mack to build muscles and achieve fitness gains. “I wondered if I could defy the odds, even if my genes were working against me,” Mack pondered.

Mack went on to explain, “Reading my genetic report and seeing that my lean muscle mass is on the lower end helped me realize why it was taking me so long to build muscle. Without realizing I had a genetic disadvantage, I had been comparing myself to my friends in the fitness industry. When we trained together, they were building muscle and getting stronger much faster than I was. I didn’t understand why I was working just as hard as they were, but not getting the same results.”

If Your Genetics Are Working Against You, It’s Crucial to Train Harder and Smarter

Because of his genes, Mack had to work a lot harder to gain the same results as his peers. This didn’t deter him, but rather provided him with newfound motivation. He could defy his genetic predispositions and work hard to get the body he dreamed of.

“When I moved to Hong Kong, I was 6’2 and weighed only 72 kg,” Mack explains. He reflects on how far away from his fitness goals he truly was.

“I started doing a lot of bodybuilding, powerlifting, and endurance training,” says Mack. It is interesting to note that he wasn’t that young when he received his DNA test results. In fact, he was 33 when he started his body transformation journey. “But I used the advice CircleDNA gave me regarding my body type, optimal training regimen according to my genes, optimal diet recommendation, and more.” Mack Fitt went through a physical transformation from a skinny kid to an award-winning bodybuilder with the help of CircleDNA’s reports.

Mack’s DNA reports led him to understand the importance of training harder and preparing better for competitions. This included a focus on building endurance and muscle mass, and ensuring faster recovery after workouts by eliminating lactose and sleeping better. He’d have to put more training hours in compared to his genetically blessed competitors. Mack’s new program also included reducing carbs in his diet due to his genetic carb sensitivities, which gave him more energy for workouts and less fatigue.

Mack Was 33 Years Old When He Started Competing Against 20-Something Fitness Models

Most professional bodybuilders first step on the stage in their 20s. In the case of Mack Fitt, he was 33 when he underwent his physical transformation and became a bodybuilder. As a man in his 30s competing against very physically fit men in their 20s, Mack was overjoyed when he won first place at the Musclemania fitness competition in Australia.

It’s truly inspirational knowing that there was a time Mack felt he was falling behind, noticing how much stronger and more fit his peers were, all of whom seemed to have a much easier time building muscle mass.

CircleDNA report provided Mach with a surge of motivation to beat the odds. The 33-year-old beat out several very fit 20-something contestants at Musclemania.

Musclemania was a major goal and challenge for Mack. Becoming a bodybuilder and competing in Musclemania was a dream inspired by his childhood fitness idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mack trained extremely hard to bulk up for the competition. He knew that if he wanted to win, he’d have to work extra hard. Especially because of his genetics working against him.

“After winning Musclemania,” Mack says, “I went to more and more competitions. I won more and more medals. It was competition after competition, medal after medal.”

Mack Fitt: Physical Transformation Journey

Today, with his chiselled professional bodybuilder physique, you wouldn’t recognize Mack. His DNA told him that he might be destined to be skinnier and weaker than his peers. Mack’s story, however, is proof that one can beat the odds with hard work. He simply needed to understand his genetic strengths and weaknesses, so that he could find the motivation to put in the extra work required to achieve his fitness goals.

It may have taken Mack longer to pack on the muscles and start eating a diet that accommodates his sensitivities, but with the help of DNA testing, Mack has become an award-winning bodybuilder and fitness professional, a better coach, a holistic lifestyle entrepreneur and a successful fitness influencer.

Today, Mack’s goal is, “to help others live healthy to the end.”

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