Reasons To Get The COVID Vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe over the last two years, leading to extensive loss of life, illness, mental health issues from pandemic anxiety, as well as serious economic disruption. The pandemic forced us to stay inside our homes for months throughout various shelter-in-place orders. Many people weren’t used to the isolation and loneliness which led to mental health conditions. Travel plans were canceled, loved ones were separated, and many people lost loved ones as well. However, thanks to the introduction of COVID vaccines, the impact of the pandemic has quickly been mitigated. The infection rate, the severity of virus, and the death rate have started reducing. Businesses have started somewhat recovering, and loved ones have been reunited with each other.

People are once again feeling free and more comfortable to leave their homes to work, visit their family and friends, and enjoy life outside the home. To a significant extent, the COVID-19 vaccines help prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and death from this dreaded infection. It means after getting the vaccine if you still get infected by the virus, chances are that it won’t be life-threatening, and you will recover in a few days.

If you have recovered from the virus, you should still get vaccinated because scientists are still unsure how long your body might remain immune to the virus after you have had an infection. Clearly, there is a risk that you may get infected again. Getting the vaccine will boost immunity against COVID. Moreover, it will reduce the spreading of the virus, and gradually the world can overcome this crisis for good. Many people still hesitate whether to get the COVID vaccine for various reasons. If you are one of them, you should know the benefits of getting the vaccine.


Why Everyone Should Get Vaccinated

There are many advantages to getting the COVID-19 vaccine for yourself and your family. Below are some of the key reasons why you should get vaccinated as soon as possible, if you haven’t done it already.

Protection Against the Severity of the Virus

Everyone wants to stay healthy and avoid the deadly COVID-19 infection. However, in today’s world where people travel so much, it takes only a few days for a virus to spread from one part of the world to another. Considering the highly infectious nature of the Coronavirus, it’s difficult to avoid infection even if you wear masks. While a mask reduces the chances of getting infected, it is not completely effective.

Vaccination offers the most dependable protection against this virus and significantly limits the risk of hospitalization even if you get infected. It boosts your immune system to produce antibodies against the virus. If the virus enters your body after you have been vaccinated, there is a high probability that it won’t cause severe illness. You may experience mild symptoms like fever, cough, loss of taste or smell, and tiredness that will go away in a few days.

Vaccinated Individuals Have More Freedom to Travel

Vaccinated individuals are the ones who have the most freedom to travel. Whether it’s travel for work, family reunions, or a vacation, you’ll run into problems if you’re unvaccinated and you might start to feel trapped. Many countries require proof of vaccination just to board the aircraft.

Most People Feel More Comfortable Around Vaccinated Individuals

Friends and family will likely be less comfortable being around you if you’re unvaccinated. This could lead to arguments, feeling excluded, feelings of loneliness, and general issues.

COVID-19 Vaccines are Proven to be Highly Effective

Another reason for getting COVID-19 vaccines is they are highly effective against the disease. All the vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the FDA went through several clinical trials and extensive testing before they were recommended to people. According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, all the vaccines available in the US today are safe and effective. They reduce the chances of infection and the spread of the disease.

Even if you get infected after you have been vaccinated, the vaccine will still work to prevent severe symptoms. You should be aware that COVID-19 illness can be particularly hazardous for elderly people and those suffering from diseases like diabetes, asthma, cancer or immunocompromised conditions and chronic kidney/liver/lung diseases. You can avoid the threat to your life if you get vaccinated. The good news is that COVID-19 vaccines have proven to be almost equally effective against different variant types of the virus.

COVID-19 Vaccines are Completely Safe

Many people are concerned about the safety of COVID vaccines, and rightly so. You want to be sure that the vaccine is completely safe and has no serious side effects. You should be aware that before any COVID vaccine is approved, these must go through at least three extensive phases of trials to ensure they are safe to use on human beings.

All the COVID-19 vaccines approved by the WHO has gone through rigorous testing to meet the benchmarks for safety. Moreover, according to the latest data on the vaccines, about 65% of the population in the US is currently fully vaccinated. It means these people have received two doses, and about 77% of people have received at least one dose. There have not been any major reported incidents of serious side effects or illness after getting the vaccine.


The Vaccine can Boost Immunity for Unborn and Newly Born Babies

Expectant mothers need to be sure about safety before taking any medication or vaccine. It may not only affect them but their babies as well. COVID-19 vaccines are considered safe for expecting mothers and those who have a newborn baby. In fact, studies found that these vaccines are effective in boosting the immunity of the baby against the virus.

The antibody produced in the mother’s body passes through the placenta to reach the body of the unborn baby. Moreover, the antibodies also pass through the breast milk to build the immunity in a newborn baby. If you are an expecting mother or you have a newborn, it is prudent to get the vaccine to acquire protection against this life-threatening infection.

How to Get Vaccinated?

The government is providing vaccines to everyone above the age of five years old free of cost. If you are looking to get the vaccine, here are steps to find a vaccine center:

  • Visit to find the vaccination centers near you. This website will show you the list of all the vaccine centers near you.
  • Another way to find a vaccine center is by inquiring with the nearest community health center in your area, or talk to your doctor and they will guide you.

COVID Vaccines: The Bottom Line

The world came to a standstill due to COVID-19 two years ago, and the devastation caused by this virus was unprecedented. However, the situation is much better now, and the Coronavirus is largely under control. The biggest credit goes to the healthcare professionals who worked selflessly, tirelessly, and treated people by putting their own lives at risk. Thankfully, we have the vaccines now, and numerous research studies have confirmed their safety and effectiveness. So, protect yourself by getting vaccinated and build your immunity against the COVID-19 virus.

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