Say Hello To HealthPod: A Rapid COVID Test And A Lab In Your Pocket

Everyone’s excited about Circle HealthPod, a new lab-quality rapid COVID test that acts like a lab in your pocket. HealthPod is a portable COVID test that you can use anytime, anywhere to find out your current COVID-19 status.

You’ll love having a lab in your pocket. This small and portable device is a fast, convenient and easy way to test your COVID status and receive speedy results.

Circle HealthPod is a rapid covid test that delivers your test results within 20 minutes. When you need to know your COVID status, you can rely on the HealthPod in your pocket.

How Does This Portable and Rapid COVID Test Work?

You’ll be surprised when you see how easy HealthPod is to use on your own, without any help from others. Simply collect your nasal sample by self-administering the provided nasal swab, and insert your sample into the Circle HealthPod device.

Within 20 minutes, your COVID-19 test result will appear on the device. If you download the device’s accompanying mobile app to your phone, your speedy test results will also be confirmed on the Circle HealthPod app.

Some people don’t have time to wait days to receive their COVID test results from a clinical setting. Circle HealthPod is your portable device for rapid COVID test results and lab-quality testing on-the-go.


Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones Safe

Having a rapid COVID test in your pocket at all times is a great way to ensure you keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Consistent COVID testing helps ensure you don’t spread the virus to others and affirms that you can visit with your loved ones without worrying about spreading COVID.

Circle HealthPod is intended for self-use, and you can therefore test your COVID-19 status when you’re alone at home before you head out the door to a family gathering. In addition to being fast and convenient, HealthPod is also a more affordable way to get a COVID test, which matters when you want to get tested regularly.

Lab-Quality, Portable Detection System

Rapid covid tests are crucial if we want to avoid spreading the virus. Testing our COVID status is an extra step we need to take in addition to wearing masks and using hand sanitiser.

Welcome to the new generation of rapid, lab-quality, at-home molecular testing. Your Circle HealthPod device detects and screens for infectious diseases. Remember that your results are displayed on the associated mobile app, and on the device itself.

Your Circle HealthPod device will light up to let you know testing is in progress. Within 20 minutes, the device will illuminate either green for a “Negative” test result, or red for a “Positive” test result. Your mobile app will confirm these same results. Simply look down at your smartphone to see the confirmed “Negative” or “Positive” results.

If the virus is not detected in your testing sample, you will see the green light for a “Negative” test result. You will only see a red warning light for a “Positive” test result if the virus is detected in your nasal sample.

Rapid COVID Test: For People On-The-Go To Feel More Confident

Rapid detection of COVID-19 is ideal for people on the go who interact with others quite often for their job or as part of their lifestyle. The HealthPod’s highly accurate detection system is a molecular nucleic acid amplification test for the detection of infectious diseases. In addition to COVID-19 testing, this portable testing device is also capable of testing you for Influenza and STDs.


Get Your COVID-19 Test Results Right On Your SmartPhone

Let’s discuss how the mobile app works. The Circle HealthPod mobile app is for iPhone and Android phones, and it’s extremely convenient (and easy) to use. This acts as your “Digital Health Passport” to showcase your “Negative” COVID-19 status to anyone who might ask.

The HealthPod’s mobile app is complete with instructions on how to perform the COVID-19 test using your portable Circle HealthPod device. Thanks to the app, you can read the instructions on your phone and be guided on how to self-administer a rapid COVID test.

There’s another function on the app that allows you to view your test results, and the app also provides you with the ability to share your test results with others.

Multiple profiles can be created on one mobile phone if only one family member downloads the Circle HealthPod app. This way, you can look down at your phone to see the COVID status of all your family members.

More About Circle HealthPod

Below are some other interesting facts about this new product, Circle HealthPod:

  • Circle HealthPod’s state-of-the-art technology was developed at the University of Oxford
  • It’s 500x more accurate than antigen test
  • Portable, convenient and easy-to-use
  • Self-administered COVID-19 test to be used at home or on-the-go
  • CE-IVD Molecular Rapid Detection System
  • View results directly on the Circle HealthPod device, or on the mobile app, in approximately 20 minutes
  • Lab-quality testing made easy for anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • 96% sensitivity and 99.9% specificity COVID-19 test
  • Privacy and data security ensured
  • One of the world’s most advanced molecular at-home testing device

Feel Safe and Confident While Enjoying a Sense of Freedom

Having a rapid COVID test in your pocket helps you feel safe and more confident while spending time with members of your community, your friends and your family. The responsible decision of purchasing a portable COVID test such as the HealthPod device comes with many benefits. This responsible decision rewards you with a sense of calm, safety and confidence as you keep track of your COVID status while living a less stressful, more secure and happier life.

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