10 Benefits of Having a Home Gym

Regularly going to the gym is an excellent habit to practice, but having a home gym is safer during covid. There are also many other benefits of having a home gym set up. The busyness of life can sometimes get in the way of your active lifestyle. No matter how motivated you feel, work commitments, family obligations, or social obligations prevent you from making it to the gym. For this reason, having exercise equipment set up and available at home is crucial.

Exercising is not about vanity – it’s about your health. Consistent exercise positively impacts your holistic health and wellness. Thankfully, working out at home is now more popular due to many different types of exercise equipment that are specifically made for home use. Installing this setup is affordable and practical, providing you with easy access to fitness despite your hectic schedule. Gone are the days where the gym was the only place where you could get a full-body workout.

Your home gym in combination with the many home-workout video tutorials available on YouTube will help you stay fit no matter what.

A home gym is a must-have for everyone who feels serious about staying fit. It allows you to get a good workout, even when you can’t leave the house. Whether you’re looking to trim down fat, get a cardio workout, improve muscle definition or better your health, in-home training can help you achieve all of this. Check out the below 10 benefits of why you should set up a home gym:

1. A Home Gym Allows You to Stick to Your Fitness Goals

According to the World Health Organization, adults should perform at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week or do at least 75 minutes of high-impact intensity training per week. An equivalent combination of both moderate and vigorous activities are also acceptable. On top of that, it is also recommended to include muscle-building, strength training workouts within your routine.

All of these ideas sound amazing in theory. But as a person with a very busy schedule, you know it’s easier said than done. You may start with the best intentions, but the hassle of packing up your gym bag, gear, water, dealing with the traffic and looking for parking can dim your enthusiasm. In contrast, having access to a home gym effectively eliminates the hurdles that deter you from reaching your goals.


2. Say Goodbye to a Long Commute

When your fitness gym is in your home, you can no longer make excuses about finding time to exercise. You are literally a few steps away from your equipment. When you can walk to your home gym, you will save a lot of time because you don’t have to waste time chit-chatting in the locker, preparing a gym bag, or driving to the gym.

Having a home gym gives you the gift of time because you can now free up more of your time to do other things you enjoy. You can now spend more time with your family or friends, pick up your reading list, engage in a new hobby, start a new business, or do anything else that you fancy.

3. No More Waiting in Line for Your Favorite Equipment

It can be cumbersome to go to the gym, especially when waiting for popular machines to be free. If there’s a gym hog who likes to stay too long using a piece of equipment, you feel frustrated and impatient. In contrast, the squat rack or bench press in your home gym will always be open. So there’s no need for you to be idle as you awkwardly wait for your turn.

With your own gym, you don’t have to fight for machines, and nothing will impede you from finishing your workout as fast as you can. Moreover, you also don’t have to worry about making a person wait for equipment as you finish up your last set. A home gym allows you to move at a pace you want without any pressure.

4. A Home Gym is Open 24/7

The modern lifestyle can be pretty hectic, so you’re at the mercy of your schedule. As a result, you may sometimes miss your workout. For example, you may have missed your morning alarm or if you could have a scheduled lunch workout, but a crucial meeting pops up, making you miss your gym time.

Thankfully, your home gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And with that, you have the peace of mind knowing you can work out anytime. If you are unhappy with your first session, you can have another try later in the day. Your home gym is also open all the time during Christmas or Easter, unlike fitness gyms with limited holiday hours.

5. Get Total Privacy

Some people feel intimidated or even nervous about going to the gym. Beginners feel anxious because they are afraid of what gym aficionados will say. It is normal for people to fear judgment about their physical looks and weight. If you feel the same discomfort, you are not alone. Many people say they fear reluctant to go to the gym because of the following:

  • Afraid they are using the equipment incorrectly
  • Fear that the exercise their doing is in the wrong form
  • They don’t feel svelte or look athletic enough
  • Feel awkward while exercising with others watching

When you exercise in your home gym, you have total privacy. You don’t have to worry about all the issues mentioned above. You can look like a sweaty mess, huff and puff, or learn moves at your own pace without anyone watching. A home gym setup allows you to relieve life’s stressors without judgmental eyes. If ever, only your family will watch.


6. Enjoy the Freedom to Make Your Own Rules

You can pop on corny reruns, load up on chalk, blast the music, scream or grunt without being hushed by the staff to be quiet. Since you own the space, you have the liberty to do whatever you feel like. Add motivational posters, banners of your favourite team sports, or inspirational quotes.

Best of all, you make the rules, so if you want to sit in equipment for a long time to ponder on life, you can do it. Of course, you can also lay down on the ground after an intense session. Besides, whether you’re training for a marathon, a strongman challenge, or just for general health, you can pick the workouts that suit you. A home gym allows you to customize everything from barbells for strength training to complex machines if you need heavy lifting.

7. Save Tons of Money

Although there are some upfront costs involved in building your home gym, you will benefit more in the long run. Remember, you’re not only paying for monthly gym memberships or annual fees. You also pay for gas or commuting fare over time. With a home gym, you cut down on that. Other family members can use it, too, allowing you to save on more fees.

Besides, you waste a lot of time in the gym; and time is non-renewable, making it the most expensive resource. And if you invest in good equipment, they will retain their value over time. If you eventually decide to upgrade to a different item, you can resell it and recoup your investment.

8. Deal with Fewer Germs

Everyone is a sweaty mess in the gym. Hands touch dumbbells, sweat drips on the bench press, and saliva can sometimes get expelled when people huff and puff as they lift heavyweights. As a result, disease risk transmission is at an all-time high in a public gym with many different people, some of them you don’t even know, coming together in an enclosed environment.

Besides, some people are gym slobs and don’t even wipe the equipment they’ve used. Imagine having to do it for them before you can start your workout. In contrast, having your home gym means less exposure to germs. You have a clean and super sanitized environment for your workout. Best of all, you know the people who will use your stuff.

9. Mitigate Worries About Childcare

Childcare costs have skyrocketed over the years, so you may feel reluctant to head to the gym if you have small children. Finding quality care is both expensive and difficult because trustworthy caregivers are not always available. Though some gyms offer childcare, it can drive up your monthly membership. The quality of care is also questionable, so you may feel uneasy doing your workouts.

With a home gym, you don’t have to pack a diaper bag and prep your children’s clothes before you can head out the door. A home fitness gym helps you focus on your exercise routine because you know your kids are safe and comfortable. You could have a baby monitor right with you, like your infant naps in the crib.

10. Encourage the Whole Family to Join Your Workout

When you have a home gym, your kids will know the importance of exercise and the role it plays in a healthy lifestyle. Besides, kids need to move and engage in physical activities. Although young kids cannot bear super heavyweights, they can start using an exercise bike at home or use light dumbbells.

A home gym allows you to have a great bonding session with your partner and kids. Seeing you passionate about fitness will inspire them to stay just as active. Exercise is vital in keeping chronic diseases at bay. A home gym will eliminate your excuses about finding time to work out, making it a truly excellent investment.

Another worthwhile investment for your health, just like your home gym, is a CircleDNA test. If you want to know which health conditions you’re genetically at higher risk of developing so you can take preventative measures, CircleDNA provides you with this information. This DNA testing kit also provides you with fitness reports that lay out the ideal exercise program for you, based on your genetic strengths and weaknesses.

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