CircleDNA Reviews: See What Our Circlers Have To Say

There was a time when most people paid for a DNA test to find out their ancestry information. Nowadays, as you’ll find out from reading CircleDNA reviews from our circlers, people use DNA tests to find out all sorts of information about their health, personality, success traits, and more.

For example, you can use a CircleDNA test to find out the optimal diet for you – the diet that suits your genetic makeup the best. This is because some people are genetically more sensitive to carbohydrates, or sensitive to gluten, or have higher needs of certain nutrients due to their DNA.

CircleDNA reviews also often talk about the fact that the CircleDNA test provides you with information on the best types of exercise (and the best sports) that suit your genetic strengths and weaknesses best. This helps you figure out the optimal workout routine for you. Many of our circles use our at home DNA test for weight loss purposes.

You can even use a DNA test to learn about yourself and get to know yourself better, for example by learning about your genetic success traits. Is creativity in your genes, or are you genetically gifted at math? These are some of the interesting reports you’ll get from CircleDNA Premium, the DNA testing kit you can do at home with a simple cheek swab, which then provides you with over 500 reports across 20 categories.

You’ll find out there are many traits you didn’t know were genetic.

A non invasive genetic testing kit like the at home DNA test CircleDNA will send you is one that can also reveal your genetic health risks. This includes health conditions that you might be at higher risk of developing due to your genes, as well as cancer and disease risks. Becoming armed with the knowledge that you’re genetically at higher risk of a certain health condition can help you become motivated to take preventative measures. After all, healthy lifestyle habits can often help prevent you from developing a health condition you’re genetically predisposed to.

CircleDNA Reviews

A wide range of people have used CircleDNA specifically for health insights, genetic fitness reports, diet and nutrition reports, personality insights, ancestry and family planning. From regular customers to health gurus and fitness influencers, anyone who has tried CircleDNA is one of our circlers. We have many DNA test reviews on CircleDNA for you to read below, from all sorts of different people.

Janine Delaney, a Wellness Influencer and Psychologist

Janine Delaney is a psychologist as well as an entrepreneur and wellness influencer. Janine Delaney says,

“With a DNA test, you can learn so much about yourself and what makes you so unique. Just one little swab and you get access to over 500 DNA insights into what makes YOU – YOU!

I really enjoyed my experience with CircleDNA, and I now better understanding how my own personal genetic makeup plays into things like my diet and fitness goals to name just a few traits.

This is a very cool concept and I highly recommend it for anyone who puts their health and wellbeing first in their lives.”

Zia Safari, a Biologist and a Health and Beauty Influencer

Zia Safari, who goes by @ziamydknight on Instagram, has a background in biology and is a skin, beauty and health influencer on social media. She loves trying out products that relate to health, wellness and beauty, so she tried CircleDNA and her Circle DNA review is below:

“I got my DNA test results back and this is my Circle DNA review.

This is so cool! Based on my ancestry composition, I am 30.62% Chinese, 30.59% Vietnamese and 38.79 % Indonesian, Thai, Malaysian, Filipino, Cambodian and Burmese. Yay!

My CircleDNA test also says I am a thrill-seeker.

They also got it right that I’m a night owl, since most of the time I sleep in the morning and I’m wide awake during the evening. Also, my acne risk is genetically high, which is really true, but good thing there’s also a lifestyle and diet report that will help me find out what’s best for me to maintain a healthy body.”

Taylor, a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Taylor, a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach from Las Vegas, Nevada goes by @Taygetstiny_ on Instagram, is a personal trainer and nutrition coach from Vegas who writes a Circle DNA review saying,

“My CircleDNA results are here and WHOAH. I have learned so much. Literally mind-blown over here.

My optimal exercise is endurance-based & low intensity. I have a genetically elevated injury risk, so I will continue to be cautious whenever possible!

I plan to buy more organic fruits and vegetables, as I am genetically predisposed to a higher pesticide sensitivity.

I want to incorporate more fish into my diet (I likely have higher iodine, DPA, and Vitamin B-12 needs, based on my genetics).

I have a high genetic predisposition to be both creative and a night owl! (Wow… both are TRUE!)

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your health. The best way to avoid problems in the future is early detection and prevention.

CircleDNA is a quick and easy way for you to find out if you are predisposed to any sort of health problems, and if so, what they are, and what lifestyle changes are necessary for a long, healthy life.

While I embrace the #GiftOfHealth, I am now taking seriously my journey towards my best life through prevention wherever possible. By knowing what’s best for me, I will be making the difference for a happier, healthier tomorrow.”

Christie Tay from Malaysia

Christie Tay from Malaysia writes,

“My DNA discovery: I feel like I’ve been introduced to my true self thanks to Circle DNA. I’m glad to discover information about my body, my ancestor’s lineage, my ethnicity, my genetic health risks, and the report really helps me understand my health condition. I can be guided with the CircleDNA health coaches to improve my health and help prevent health problems. Everyone should explore themselves and love themselves. Thank you CircleDNA!”

Bupha from Thailand

Bupha from Thailand is a circler who made use of the free genetic counseling included with the CircleDNA at home DNA test kit. Bupha says,

“I am very happy with the 2 counselors who were assigned to me through CircleDNA. They gave me thorough advice and lots of information to help me understand my genes better. More importantly, they added some words of advice on what to take as a supplement and what to avoid. I wish there were more hours for consultation.”

Eileen Luna from the US

Eileen Luna from the United States writes a Circle DNA review that states:

“I have found new direction! As someone who used to be active and healthy, I somehow became lost in how I should approach returning to that healthy lifestyle.

There is such a variety of diets and fitness programs out there, it’s hard to know what is best for you.

But CircleDNA has a smart approach to helping people. I received a thorough report which clarifies so many things about my health. Also, during my first consultation, I was asked about my diet and fitness habits and we worked off of that. That was so helpful! I received such personalized advice that I can refer to whenever I need it. 10/10 would recommend!”

Ioannis Charalambous from Cyprus

Ioannis Charalambous from Cyprus writes,=
“Great insight into your well-being from CircleDNA. Fascinating details on how to improve your day to day health, and potentially your longevity! This is the definitive health check for any health conscious person.”

Find Out How Much You Can Learn About Yourself Through DNA Insights

Now that you’ve read some CircleDNA reviews, why not get to know yourself better by giving it a try for yourself?

Try the CircleDNA Premium testing kit to access over 500 reports about yourself, and learn about everything from the optimal diet and exercise routine for you, to genetic success traits and health risks you should know about.

Once you swab your cheek and send this easy at home DNA test back to us, you’ll have to wait 2 – 3 weeks before all of your DNA reports are accessible in our user-friendly app, and these same reports are also available in PDF.

Everyone should take opportunities to get to know themselves better, especially if the information they learn can help them improve their health.

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